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June 04, 2021

Citrix Workspace & 10ZiG Endpoints – at Office or by Remote

Citrix Workspace

Citrix Workspace & 10ZiG Technology - wherever you are, it works for you

The combined force of Citrix Workspace and 10ZiG Technology Thin & Zero Client endpoints with The 10ZiG Manager™ software is empowering ongoing work-from-home (WFH) and hybrid-working strategies moreso than ever. Many of us rushed to put together home-offices with laptops, tablets, or other “would-be” desk set-up options, and now know that many of these situations often fell short when it came to necessary longevity and sustainability in terms of device management, security, and even employee ergonomic health.

Coming out of this global pandemic crisis, as well as the idea that some employers are realizing that WFH or hybrid-working could potentially become not only a long-term but a permanent option, IT professionals are leveraging Citrix Workspace by utilizing 10ZiG endpoint devices, along with The 10ZiG Manager™ centralized management software. Customers of 10ZiG have been experiencing the combination of 10ZiG & Citrix as allowing them to create a truer office environment at home or wherever. One organization even brought on a newly hired manager for a staff of now 35-strong, and the manager has never even stepped foot inside the corporate office. How’s that for remote-working?

10ZiG is Citrix Workspace Ready - unified communications and all!

Enterprises have found that with Citrix Workspace & 10ZiG endpoints, employees have better productivity and posture because they are not taking mobile devices to the sofa, to the kitchen, or to bed – and, not hunching over and not getting distracted by unnecessary movement. Devices are set up just like an office desk with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, etc. They are centrally managed with The 10ZiG Manager console, giving IT professionals the assurance that endpoints at remote, unsecured locations have the same level of security and trust that they do as in-office. With automated configuration and remote management being even more essential at this time, the combination of The 10ZiG Manager and 10ZiG Citrix Ready endpoints facilitate this, regardless of whether they are remote or in the office.

For the past five years , there has been a growing rate in unified communication and collaboration tools thanks to products like Skype-for-Business… and 2020 saw an unprecedented rise due to the amount of remote workers who now rely on these tools to do business. By harnessing and supporting the technology advances that Citrix and Partners have made in this area, like the optimization of Microsoft Teams or Zoom VDI in Citrix environments, it has enabled 10ZiG to develop devices including the 10ZiG 6048qc, a Citrix Workspace Ready Zero Client endpoint that delivers seamless audio and video quality.

Citrix Workspace Ready Endpoints

Citrix Workspace

10ZiG remote solutions are being described as not only the best at performance and connectivity, but as having the strongest no-crash reliability, as well as the easiest-to-use management console. Plus, the Citrix Workspace as a single place to simplify delivery of Citrix technologies - providing secure access to apps, data and IT tools.